How to Fix Comcast Email Not Working On iPhone Device?

Issues and technical faults are quite common in any email service including Comcast. Especially when you want to configure email on iPhone. To regulate your email services in mobile app is very simple for most of the email accounts, but somehow, if you have Comcast email account you can find the complete procedure a little bit complicated as sometimes users face problem like Comcast email not working on iPhone. There can be a multiple number of reasons for Comcast email not working on your iPhone. Few of them are simply including internet connection problems, storage memory is full or may be connected to wrong server settings. If it is so, then this blog is dedicated to help you to fix Comcast Email Not Working On iPhone issue. Let’s jump into the details.

Solutions to Fix Comcast Email Not Working On iPhone

If you have already tried to configure Comcast on iPhone but Comcast email not working on iPhone device, then here is the guidelines shared for proper configuration.

  • To begin with, open ‘Settings’ application in your iPhone and scroll down to reach drop-down menu, and choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.
  • Now, in the next step, just tap on “Add-Account” option.
  • Right after this, choose “Add Mail Account” and select Other.
  • Now, it’s time to enter the first and last name in the ‘Name’ field text-box.
  • In the next step, type the Comcast email address in the guided filed and then provide its password so that the application can authenticate the email account.
  • On entering all the asked information, click Next to Continue with the steps.

Note: Make sure when you entered the name, ensure that it does not have Comcast included as it might cause trouble.

  • Now, in most of the cases, the authentication process does not take place successfully.
  • You are advised to click on the Next button continuously to save the profile. And when this is done, go back to the ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendars’ tab.
  • Select the Comcast email service that is not working and as a result you will see the following screen with the details.
  • In the ‘INCOMING MAIL SERVER’ section, enter the username and the hostname ( and once it is done click on ‘SMTP’ button.
  • Under the ‘OUTGOING MAIL SERVER’, enter the username and the hostname as mentioned on the available screen. Make sure to enable the “Use SSL” option and the Server port number is entered ‘587’.
  • Once you did, all these changes, go back to Settings page and click on ‘Advanced’ tab. Here in, be ensure that ‘Use SSL’ is enabled and authentication type is set to ‘Password’.

If Comcast email on iPhone is not working with these steps, then you should re-configure it with the following above-mentioned procedure. If this also not work, then try configuring with POP instead of IMAP. It hardly make any difference, except for the fact that the synchronization won’t take place at both the ends if POP is used.

Hope you found this blog a bit helpful, if it is then try these steps and in case you are not understood the terms mentioning above then taking help from the professionals is always a good idea. Seek help from the certified technicians of Comcast by dialling the toll-free number, which is working round the clock.